I won a photograph competition. First in a catagory ($1000 worth of photo equipment) and another image was highly recommended ($100) so yes, um that equals 1100 bucks worth of gear. What to do? It’s an annual competition run by The Ministry of Fisheries. The judges are hardcore, bigwigs and I think it’s probably more important for me as a photographer to have their attention than it is for me to get more gear.
The image (below) isn’t one of my favourites and is probably the one I thought least likely to win. But you never know what people will like, or see. It was in the traditional fishing section so I guess it always had a chance. This was taken during the daily ritual of eating kaimoana (seafood) up at the bach (crib, cottage) in Northland. The annual summer migration for the whanau (family). Rock oysters, pipi and cockles. The oysters which aren’t that widely known or eaten (amongst the masses) have to be top of list when it comes to collecting and eating kaimoana. They are delicious! Sort of in between Pacific and Bluff oysters. Here they are cook in the seawater trapped inside the shell. It only takes a minute or so depending on how close to the flames they are. of course.
The Highly Commended image is a favourite from few years back mainly because as I was taking photos I noticed a big koru (spiral) in the clouds. It lasted mere seconds. But I got a glimpse of it.. . and caught it.



This was taken on my beach at Paekakariki, on the Kapiti Coast where a lot of my images are taken. Again, sunsets are my thing. The magic hour. My in-between World. Which is betweennight and day, land and sea, surreal and real, Earth, Sky. I think you get the picture.

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