Good Friday Moon

Up early on Friday morning and caught the moon just as it set. I had my video camera with me too and while shooting the sun hitting waves and all these other wonderful things I spotted someone on a surf kayak. Turned out to be one of the locals setting a long line. So I videoed him winding in and setting his line. It turns out to be a great little doco. Not fantastic quality but a ‘fly on the wall recorded observation’ type thing. I really don’t know who would watch it or think it is interesting. But hell. I do. I’m going to post some video from our gig last week. Not sure if I can here but I have a youtube account that I hardly use. Which I should, more often with more really uninteresting, non-funded not for profit videos.

When people say things like a ‘no budget’ or ‘low budget’ or ‘not for profit’ production what they’re actually saying is ‘I make crap that no one gives a shit about, let alone funds’.

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