Moon set and iPhone

[From the summit of Paekakariki Hill]
I get up early most days. But I haven’t been to the top of the hill for a while. A great start to the day. Cold but worth it. Another photographer turned up and started taking photos of the moon. I asked him what settings he uses. He said he gets all his tips from YouTube, demos, instructions. It never occurred to me. I usually go on what I know, experiment and learn that way. But I may YouTube a few things.
I won an iPhone 3Gs. Its a great workhorse and toy. The video and camera good . But I do have trouble holding the video steady. Video cameras are actually shaped to fit your hand and to be held as steady as possible. This is a phone and a bit clunky. U can take some great photos with it too but you have to follow all the old rules. Like have the sun at your back. I also can not get used to the delay when taking photos or looking at screen. It was great to get back to my D200 actually.

But I’m not dissing the iPhone. It is a phone, the applications are cool as, and I have 1000 songs stored on it. Cruise the web from my train to work, anywhere I like. I also walk around town and find the free wifi connections. Load video straight to YouTube, FB, Flickr and twitter, if I wanted to…turn the speed camera detector on when in my car, a whole lot of others things I don’t need and have done without all my life. It’s great.

I may start podcasting. If I could get the time I will. But way busy at the moment, as always.

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