Central Plateau

Mt Ruapehu

 Have been traveling our beautiful country recently, the part of my job at the NZ Film Archive that I love. The screening of archival footage in Taumarunui was fantastic. The emotional response to seeing these old films and interviews with the local people’s tupuna (ancestors) is why I do this job. Someone has too.

These photographs were taken flying over the Central Plateau, North Island, New Zealand. One of my favourite places when traveling by road but this time I got to fly.

The crater, Mt Ruapehu
Mt Ngaruahoe

Regardless of the weather, which is generally bad (bad = good in my book) there is always something spectacular to view or photograph. As I get closer to this part of the World I wonder what is in store and I’m never disappointed.
Ruapehu is our biggest mountain in the North Island and is still ‘active’ erupting every tens years or so. I’m not sure how often but it has 4 times in my in my lifetime.

Ngaruahoe, the cone shaped volcano below is my favourite. She is perfect and probably on a world wide scale is more well known because of the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Speaking of films, the NZ International Film Festival season kick off here in Aotearoa. I took part in a screening in Auckland recently this time as a musician, performing soundtrack music for an old 1928 silent film Under The Southern Cross. But I guess that’s another blog.


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