Indigenous Film Symposium

Indigenous Film Symposium

I’m attending the International Symposium for Maori and Indigenous Screen Production in Auckland this weekend. Awesome line up of international and local guests. Looking forward to it.
One guest, Neil Diamond (yes) is a native Canadian film maker who I met in DC recently. They are screenig his film ‘Reel Injuns’ about the portrayal and history of Cowboy and Indian movies and the effect of this stereotyped portrayal has on the public psyche. It’s hilarious and serious.

I’m screening two programmes from the New Zealand Film Archive about inspirational leader and mentor Merata Mita who passed away earlier this year. She inspired many of us film practitioners  here and internationally. This symposium was her idea and so it is more than fitting that we dedicate a huge part of this symposium to pay tribute to our rangatira (chief).

And it’s a great opportunity for us in the industry to catch up,  spend time together and to celebrate those that have set the direction for us to travel.

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