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Trying to catch up on so many things. Gigabites of photographs and video files to store on one of my 3 hard drives. Haven’t updated my website for over a year. Or taken many photo come to think of it. But why?
I’ve been writing a feature film screenplay for some years now. The last year was intensive, to crack it and get it to the ‘production’ stage.
It’s called ‘The Pa Boys’ and is about a 3 piece band that tours New Zealand’s North Island. But of course it’s about much more than that.
Maybe I’ll post a synopsis, if I’m allowed. Film stuff is usually so ‘confidential’. Except in a country like New Zealand. We all know each others business.
The screenplay has had incredible feedback and amazing support from some big names in our industry. From producers, actors, directors and crew.

We all know it’s going to  be made. It’s just when? It is a summer movie and our Autumn has just started. Any delay from now on makes it even more likely it wont be made until next summer.
Anyway it’s with the funding bodies and I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

This image is to give a sense of the tone and style that part of the movie will be shot/set in. Without giving too much away, two of the characters (the protagonist and antagonist) take a spirits journey to Te Reinga, the leaping place of the spirits.
One of taglines we came up to describe the movie is;
It’s about life, death and (f#@cking) good music.

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