Officially it is Spring on the 1st of September. But giving a season a date is kind of ridiculous. Isn’t it?  Since back in the day Spring is announced by the Pipiwharauroa (Shining Cuckoo) arriving from the tropics. It’s unmistakable call is beautiful and can heard a long way from where the actual bird is. It usually arrives around mid August. I haven’t heard it this year but it has been really rough around our whole country these past two weeks.







Wind and rain. They may have arrived and taken shelter, been blown off course or holed up somewhere on an island. If I was them I’d stay in the tropics…forever.

I noticed the change last week. It’s way to early for flowers to be blooming but there are other signs.

The days started to feel different. Spring is in the air, you can smell it. Sense it. You can feel it. See it in the tides. The changeable sky, clouds.

You just know. It makes you feel great!

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Beautifully written! Yes we do feel spring in so many ways, see it in the little details and also feel it deep inside with this subtle change of moods, like butterflies waking up inside of us!


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