Christmas set

It’s beautiful this past week. Tropical, hotter than I can remember for this time of year. Had a great, relaxing Christmas. Hope you all do too. This paddle boarder is on to a good thing. So are we!

Christmas Day sunset at Paekakariki

xmassunset12acopy xmassunsetcopy

4 thoughts on “Christmas set

  1. Kia ora,

    I was wondering if I could get in touch as I’m pretty sure Im the guy on the paddle board.

    Its a beautiful photo and I was hoping to get a copy, am happy to pay.

    Thanks jaz


  2. Kia ora mate, yes no worries. I can email you one. Someone else took one of you and it was published in the Dom-Post, the page where public send in summer pics. I think it is Rob Zuur if you know him. Not sure if thats his first name actually. The Dom-Post would charge you for it too. And to be honest, mine is on a better angle haha
    i can send you high res copy. Drop me an email.


    1. thanks, yeah I did see the one in the dom as well and I agree yours is better. My email is What would you like for the photo? I would nt mind a high res copy (if you have one) as I might get it blown up. cheers jaz



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