Hōkūle'a on the Horizon

The Hokule’a is an ocean voyaging waka (traditional canoe) that is sailing around the globe promoting cultural and environment issues. The journey is Mālama Honua and is supported by The Polynesian Voyaging Society. They’re in Aotearoa (NZ) at the moment and some of the crew came over for dinner. Such awesome people, and I have say ‘brave’. They crossed Raukawa (The Cook Strait) last night which is the body of water between the North and South islands New Zealand. The Cook Strait is one of the roughest places on Earth. It’s not just the swell but the wind and many currents. Traditionally they used to refer to it as ‘the thousand moods of Raukawa’.

They are navigating the traditional way (by the stars) and although they have sailed the Pacific many times in their history they haven’t been this far South. The achievement is amazing and much like our peoples achievement of sailing across the Pacific to Aotearoa (New Zealand) over a 1000 years ago, it is pretty much been ignored by mainstream media.

But we can support and track the Hokule’a here: http://www.hokulea.com

A fantastic kaupapa (ideology).


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