Have been in Beaudesert, a small town about an hour inland from Brisbane, Australia. There isn’t a lot to do here but I like it. It’s warm considering its winter and there are places to visit close by. Like The Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Tambourine and Green Mountains which both have elevated  walkways through the rainforest canopy. Hopefully I’ll get to visit some of these places. You’ll need a car if you spend anytime here lol. 

We were welcomed by the local Mulunjari people with a smoke ceremony. Loved it! Especially coming from another country and culture where welcome ceremonies and hospitality are top priority. 

Kiki, my daughter Mai and TJ (right) are starring in a children’s television series called Grace Besides Me which is being shot here. They’re awesome kids with talent to burn. Their days start at 5.30 am and have to cram in school work as well rehearse, learn lines and shoot. So its pretty full on. I’ve known some adults who couldnt handle that schedule lol. 

Some local cuisine. 

Every morning there is mist and the local birdlife is completely different to what I’m used to. I’ll post a video to prove it. 

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