Misty morning, crazy bird song. 

In New Zealand we call it the ‘morning chorus’. I’m not quite sure what to call this, haha. I’m on way for coffee at 6am. It’s misty most mornings here in Beaudesert #queensland and although the temperature drops to 3-4C at nights/early morning it will be 23-24C in a few hours. It kind of makes it hard to decide what to wear.


I’ve grown to love the birds here. They’re nuts and sound completely different to what we have at home. Ours are true song birds with beautifully sweet tunes. Here they sound like they’re arguing in the streets. The amount of parrots is phenomenal. It really struck how devastated our population of native birds really is at home. A huge disadvantage for our birds is having a multi-million year history with virtually no predators. Many of our species became flightless (yep birds without wings) so once dogs, cats, stotes and ferrets were introduced our bird population was all but wiped out.  But we do have protective programmes in place and many islands around the country the are sanctuaries. It’s a shame we had to do this.

The slow pace here really suits me and everything is walkable. But soon  I’m going to hire a car and venture into the mountains.

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