Mt Tamborine hike


It was so good getting away from the small town heat and heading into the hills. I hitched a ride into Mount Tamborine which is part of the Scenic Rim here in Queensland. What an amazing place and a relief to get under the rainforest canopy. The altitude and cool air helped. There are many walking tracks in this area ranging from ‘ full on’ to easy. I took the ‘middle of the road’, option, lol, which was about 8k.

The track is littered with huge boulders and a lot of trees have been hollowed out by lightning strikes, like giant digeredoos, which was pretty fascinating. 

​The name Tamborine most probably came from the native lime which is known to the local aboriginal people as ‘Jimborine’. This could easily be corrected. 

Sky Walk is also located up Mt Tamborine. You can literally walk amongst the tree tops and it’s a amazing. Not too scary if you have a fear of heights. You may need to stop and climatise but it’s totally safe. 

Bush turkey. 

Love this place!

Tamborine is only an hours drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast so if you need a break from all that sun, surf and shopping it’s an easy drive.  

Speaking of the Gold Coast (looking West from Tamborine). I will be heading there soon enough. 

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim, Queensland, Australia. 

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