The GC.

Headed into #goldcoast and stayed in the real flash @Q1 hotel. It looks like the tallest one here on the beach front, I’m not sure but was a good luxurious change.

The views are spectacular, even from the spa bath and there are any number of places to eat just outside.

So as you do with a view I set up some time lapse shots and failed, 3 out of 6 attempts, lol. Mainly due to reflecting light on the window.

Morning walkers.

It was amazing to get to the beach after spending two months inland. It could be the longest I’ve ever spent away from the ocean (not sure). Although it doesn’t look like it in this image it was windy and the water surprisingly cold. I still loved it! The Gold Coast is such a contrast to where I live and grew up. The buildings look like some sort of oxymoron against the beach but I can see why this place is so popular. The Beach, surf, accommodation, food and shopping of course.

I need to come back, stay longer and go surfing.

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