Tahiti Nui

I can never decide what my highlight of the year is. Too many great things to choose from. There were quite a few low lights too but that goes without saying. Shit happens.


A definite high that would be on my long list of highs is my trip to Tahiti.


The tropics and slow pace are perfect for me and although my French is bad, as time went on I could understand more and more Tahiti. It’s probably a thousand years since my people left Tahiti and sailed across the Pacific to Aotearoa (New Zealand) so it’s pretty amazing that we share a enough of a common language to understand each other.


I spent most my time in Papeete then two days in Moorea (actually should be spelt Mo’orea)

What an amazing place! I want to go back.

Will post more soon.

Happy NY!

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