Here’s a new planet

Im pretty sick of Facebook. Its on the ‘negative’ things in my life list 😀 so I post through Insta and don’t have to look at all the crap on FB.

And instagram is annoying. It’s full of young women who are travelling the world alone and still managing to take amazing photos of themselves. Incredibly talented and obviously carry a tripod everywhere, set it and camera up and amazingly focused photographs of themselves  really skilled!

There are the influencers. I always feel influenced after looking at their posts. I delete them. And then theres the ones who travel making 6 figure income, all from their laptop. I think they started with a 6 figure allowance from mum and dad and will still have it long after the failure of their self proclaimed ‘ I’m an entrepreneur’ business.

And the most selfish of them all. The self lovers. Looking after yourself above all others isn’t healing. Its not even cool. Its the opposite to what life is about. We’re here to look after and nurture everything that surrounds us. Our environment which of course includes people, animals, plants, water, the land, sea, sky, rivers. Everything. the whole fucking planet.

We do that and all those things will look after us.

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