Influencers and laptop life stylers be gone.

I’m getting quite a bit of enjoyment deleting influencers and laptop life stylers off my Instagram account. They just don’t do it for me. I didn’t even know how most of them got there in the first place. Then I remembered some years ago I clicked on a post claiming to ‘boost your followers for free’. Which did the opposite. Made me a follower of hundreds of profiles for free. What a sucker. At least I know I’m not the only one 🤣

I’ve always wondered what influencers do. Besides take a s*#tload of selfies. Seriously I’ve never followed ‘the link in my bio’. Never bought a product. They must influence someone. To me it all seems fake. BS. They influence me to delete them. I guess that’s something.

If an influencer’s post has 1687 likes and comments how do they reply to all those likes and comments? It would be a full time job from post to post. Is that all they do in between the self love, self-fullness, self help and selfies. They never return the like or reply to comments because they don’t actually follow back. We don’t exist except as their own personal promoters. Well now they don’t exist to me.

Laptop lifestylers are worse. We know you actually took a gap year (or three) to find yourself and travel on Mum and Dad’s trustfund. Then you peddle someone else’s e-book and courses so we all can ‘learn how make a six-figure income’. Hows that going for you? Soon you’ll be returning home without a degree and you’ll need a few more gap years while you sort your shite out.

We also know that you aren’t travelling the world alone. Someone is taking those photos. Someone who bought a Lightroom setting off some other wannabe entrepreneur.

All the ads I get on Instagram are entrepreneurs because I actually clicked a couple to see what they’re about. Sucker. They all claim to earn 5–6 figure incomes but if that is true why are their ads really really bad. Like they’ve been shot on an phone by a friend with the DT’s. If you’re raking in the money surely you can afford to pay for a decent ad. I’d do it. It’s what I do. I earn a living. Just.

I’m sick to death of the amount BS online these days. Deleting has become my new thing.

Before Instagram was a thing they invited many photographers, social media-ites to join to test the format, gage interest etc. I was one of those invited. It was a good idea but I never liked the size of the photos on the screen or the fact you couldn’t turn your phone horizontal to get a bigger and better ‘experience’. You still can’t. A platform for photographers that isn’t photographer friendly. When FB bought out Insta I was so pissed off I deleted my account. But years later I relented. I was a freelance photographer/film maker, video creator without an insta account. And although most of the work I get is through word and mouth, I have got a few jobs through my social media accounts. Not in the six-figure bracket though. To earn that amount I’d have to become something I detest. A self promotor.

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