New Zealand On Lockdown

Sunset Paekākāriki, Kapiti Coast

It was announced on Monday that we have moved into level 3 status and tonight, Wednesday we will go into lockdown (level four) countywide. This will continue for 4 weeks and be reassessed. We have 155 cases of Covid19. The last few cases most likely spread within communities. All other cases are associated with air travel (people flying here). These numbers probably seem small but we are an island nation of 5 million people. This has the potential to destroy us (not to mention crush us economically) and the Government is taking no chances. It is also doing extremely well with our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is showing real leadership.

I’m not quite sure what this means for people who live in vans or buses. All travel is banned obviously and I guess we need to find somewhere to park up. I’m ok. I’m on the Kapiti Coast and have many family and friends who have offered me a place to park. I don’t really need to but I am thinking of tourists travelling this country in cars and vans. They won’t be as lucky as me.

Of course people are stressing out but also we are showing a lot of strength and our community spirit shines. It is going to be tough. We can basically only spend time with members of our own household. Everything except ’essential’ businesses will close.

New Zealand is preparing for a four week closure – here’s what’s going to happen next.

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