The Upside of Lockdown

I know these times have been hard for many people so I don’t want to come across as uncaring or arrogant but I’ve enjoyed this lockdown period. A lot of that has to do with where I live and the people I’m surrounded by. A small coastal town in New Zealand means much less restrictions, although they are the same restrictions as in a city like Auckland or Wellington. But we have space. Plenty of room for people to move around, walk the beach, chat at the end of driveways or streets. Which is awesome of course and a relief not to be so isolated.

Isolation paradise

The other thing I enjoyed was not being pressured to work. It was a relief to be forced to slow down, rethink how I want to live, work and play. Take the time to appreciate things, what I already have and where I want to head in the near future. Funnily enough the direction I want to go hasn’t changed one bit. I want a sustainable life with less stress. To step back and away from this modern mayhem that is a system designed to enslave and exploit. I want (and already do to a certain extent) to live under our philosophy of ’tino rangatiratanga’ which translates as ’self-determination’.

The lockdown gave me a chance to make plans.

There were two supermoons over the past 6 weeks

The lockdown also gave me the opportunity to get out more with my camera. In fact I have been shooting video and photographs everyday. I’ve been editing a music video for the band and jamming with the only musician in my bubble. We’ve worked out a set of new songs and started composing soundtrack, soundscapes for film. I couldn’t have done any of this without this forced restrictions.

Believe me I am concerned about people’s well being, struggling small businesses or for those who are trapped in a cycle they’d rather not be in.

For me and quite a large circle of friends and family it has been a relief. A time for family, friends, change.

An opportunity to rest and reboot.

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