Back To The Vanlife?

Winter has been easy this year.

When lockdown level 4 hit I was taken a bit by surprise. Not by the actual lockdown, everyone knew that was coming. What I didn’t realise was all the public toilets and water were going to be shut. I was living in my van, it was Autumn but still warm enough for the weather not to be a problem.

Obviously I really relied on the public facilities. I rang a friend who is part of the housing trust here in our village. She was on to it. In fact the Trust helped quite few find emergency housing. She got me an amazing little flat within 4 days. During those 4 days I floated around flouting the law. Kind of hiding as much as someone can in a small town where everybody knows me and my car.

My accomodation was only supposed to be for the 4 week lockdown period and any extension. I can’t even remember how long level 4 was but as I said in an earlier post, I really enjoyed it! And my accommodation was extended until the end of August. Such a good break. I love the flat and place it is, right next the park and I can hear the waves lap, roll and crash onto the beach. The North end of the island is in clear view.

Matariki (Pleiades) and Venus rising.

I can also take astro shots from the deck. I mean what the hell.

So now that my time in this place is coming to an end I need to think about what is next. I do have interviews to do in the South Island and have booked the ferry so I can take my van and spend a bit time travelling. If I don’t have a place to stay by then, which is pretty unlikely in our very popular and increasingly expensive village, I will have to go back to living full time in my van. Which is fine. It is also difficult at times, it’s pretty small and I can’t cook inside. We’re on the verge of Spring which is usually more unsettled than winter. Think windier, wetter and only slightly warmer. So it is a tough time of year to be doing this. Summer would be better. But I’m not complaining. There are people doing it much tougher than I am. I have an amazing family, awesome friends who will always support me.

And I have a damn good life!

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