East To West Coast Part 1

Storm, my travel buddy is endlessly happy.

I travelled up to Tolaga Bay on the East Coast this summer. It’s such an amazing coastline but the drive is quite rugged. Even though its roughly an 8 hour drive it’s far easier doing it over 2 days. The hills and windy roads have many one way bridges and there’s a lot of stop, starts. There also not many opportunities to over take trucks and buses and oversized vans and housetrucks. And if you think the road will improve after the stretch between Napier and Wairoa you will be bitterly disappointed. Which is why it’s a good idea to do the trip over 2 days. Easy when you have a van. There are so many beautiful places to stop for the night.

Tūtira, a beautiful place to stop. There is a campground right on the lake. But the lake isn’t swimmable which really sucks.
The view at Ūawa (Tolaga Bay) after sunset.

The East Coast is stunning! There are endless beachs with surf and places to fish and tones of kaimoana (seafood). It’s hot and dry and further North is the mighty Mt Hikurangi surrounded by another 7 mountains, and the East Cape, Te Araroa which is breathtaking.

On the summet of Mt Hikurangi
The Wharf at Tolaga Bay is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. it’s a nice walk and you can jump and/or go fishing.

After a couple of weeks on the East Coast I headed down to Napier with the plan of going West to Taranaki. Which will be my next post.

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