The Colour of Sky

It’s a beautiful piece of coastline. Stoney beaches, caves and rocks with holes big enough to walk through. Cliffs sparsely dotted with trees clinging to the gravelly undergrowth, bent and twisted into the shaped by the prevailing winds that mould them. As a kid, I sat in this very same spot, amongst the trees looking …

A day

I loved the Australian winter and Spring. Cold misty mornings, blue skies, warm and calm days. Then it could change to torrential rain, thunder and lightening. This only happened 3 times in the three months I was there. It was pretty amazing! Beaudesert is about an hour inland from the Gold Coast.

So much to do

All the time. But I still have to have fun. Storm. Heres an old school double exposure. Took some First Nation friends for a walk up Ōtaki Forks. They were here for Maoriland Film Festival which was fantastic. It gets better every year. Writing always takes time.

Some images from our camping holiday

I think everyone needs to go camping, unplug, be social in a real world The walk...   Tha bach (cottage, crib) has no electricity or cell signal and no road access. So you either go by boat or walk in at low tide.   The view from my tent #camping

Another great holiday

We traveled our usual migration this year, up the East Coast then on to Northland. Love it. Some images from Tuparoa. Old St Mary's church, and although my grandmother is buried here I have actualy never been inside. Nor had my father who was born and bred here. I guess an interesting fact is all …


Was really lucky  this week. The final shots for the movie The Pā Boys involved filming a Kaahu, a beautiful bird that you don't get much chance of seeing up close. Found that out as we chased several around the Bay of Plenty and East Coast landscape without much luck. They are common (as opposed …